Our Mission

  • To build a movement for justice led by immigrants and refugees in Iowa by providing high-quality legal services and community empowerment through organizing.

Our Vision

An Iowa that is welcoming and inclusive, where
the rights of immigrants and refugees are ensured through access to legal
services, their voices are heard and the issues that impact them are addressed. 


Community Leadership

     Movements led by immigrant and refugee communities, therefore, driven by local, directly impacted leaders
     Commit to continually equipping existing and identifying new leaders
     Believe in diversity, equity, inclusion and representation our diverse communities
     Commit to treating our staff and volunteers as valuable resources and leaders


     Funding comes from members, local support and foundations
     Funding from other sources will be accepted and will not limit advocacy efforts


     To build stronger communities, we seek different perspectives and feedback
     Broaden our coalition to bring different organizations, stakeholders and communities to meet short and long-term visions
     Commit to build each other up even in disagreement


     Believe in the dignity and worth of every person
     Foster civic engagement beyond voting and hold decision makers on all levels accountable to the communities they serve
     Strive to build safe and secure communities through high quality legal services